Brief: To create a campaign for a chosen charity that appeals to 16-24 year olds.

Chosen charity - RSPB 'The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds'.

Idea - To create a brand that sells fashionable clothing aimed at the specific age range.

Partner up with high street shops such as River Island, Topman, Topshop and Next. 70% would go to the supporting store, 30% would go to the charity.





Here are the logo designs for the clothing brand, we wanted to design a small emblem that would look stylish and effective when embroidered onto the items of clothing. We created the logo in a variation of colours so they would stand out on all colours of fabric. 






These are some examples of what the clothing would look like. We would use fashionable types of clothing that are popular with the targeted age range, such as t-shirts and hoodies. The logo itself wouldn't appear too large on the clothing, it would be stylish and subtle, the main aim is to create a fashionable clothing brand that would attract the targeted audience not a charity clothing line. So they would buy the item because of the style and trend, and not purely to support the charity, but a percentage of proceeds would go towards the charity.



Here are some examples of the designed billboards and window displays for the clothing brand. We decided to use the logo and place it over a nature related background with the tag 'Represent Real Beauty'. This design would be used for the window displays on the shops such as River Island and Topman. Then the billboard designs would be placed around town centres, the idea was to have people in the 16-24 year old age range, do a stance of a bird to represent the charity. The people shown would be wearing the items of clothing in the brand. Then just like the window display, we used a nature related background and placed specific types of birds protected by the RSPB to match their imagery. We also placed the logo, tag and shop names on the billboard so the public know where to buy them.





This is app we designed for the brand, It would have a location finder so the user can find the RSPB nature reserves in the country. There would be a gallery page where people can either upload their own photographs of birds or buy a print online. It would also link to the Instagram page to view the photography feed. Then there would be a shopping page where the user can buy an item of clothing or order one to pick up in store, they would be set into categories such as t-shirts, accessories and jackets.



These are the social networking pages created for the brand. There would be a Facebook and Twitter page which would post updates and status' about events in your area, the photography feed and the clothing brand. So photographs of birds and items of the clothing would appear on the pages. You can also access the app, RSPB website and clothing stores through the pages.