National Trust

Brief: To provoke Gen Zed to connect with the National Trust by appealing to their inherent curiosity and quest for personal discovery.

Increase awareness of the National Trust amongst Young Curious Minds by 25%. Increase family memberships by 10%.

Idea: To create a spiritual journey that lets the teenagers explore the National Trust sites and themselves

Spirituality & Identity > Zodiacs and Horoscopes

Advertising billboards to be placed around towns, parks and shopping centres.

Advertising a location where a wall will be located, with chalk boards placed on. The public can write 'what makes them who they are' on the board, and tweet a photo of the board to the National Trust with the #TrustMe.

Then the National Trust will tweet back with a photo of their face used in their Twitter profiles, morphed into your spiritual animal based on ones protected at National Trust sites, based on their message. The face will be designed onto a traditional National Trust poster.

In the tweet, there will be a link to download the National Trust app, where are you can visit and find National Trust sites in the UK, and sync your spiritual animal at the location.

When people arrive at a National Trust site in the UK, there will be a large dome advertised by the National Trust, inside the dome will be an augmented reality designed maze. The walls of the maze will be screens showing images from a National Trust site, such as mountains and parks. As people walk around the maze, their National Trust app will help them find the centre, and when they reach the centre the app will sync and their spiritual animal morphed face will appear on the centre wall. As more people find the middle, more images will appear on the wall producing a large collage of faces.